Since When Did You Know?

P.S. guys I’m sorry about the last post, that was suppose to be yesterday but EduBlogs wouldn’t let me :(. Anywho, I’ll get on with today…

OK, so today I went out for dinner with my gma (Yiayia), gpa (Papou and uncle (Michael) (my mum had to look after Divarna (Diva), my dog so she stayed home, plus she wasn’t really up to going. So anyway it was a normal outing, we ate, we had fun, we spoke… but one thing we spoke about made my heart beat.
Towards the end, the restaurant gives free movie tickets with every meal and Papou asked if there was a movie I wanted to see (which of course there was) and as a normal response by a person who is obsessed with Lolita, I said it. But of course I did not say “Lolita” just like that, I said it with hints as for is an unsuitable novel/movie for my age and my grandparents are not the type you’d discuss it with AT ALL! I said just plain yes trying to avoid giving away the title.
“Yes. But it was made in 1997” I said.
“What’s it called?” Asked Papou.
“Ummm, I can’t remember but I’m pretty sure it starts with L” was my response.
“If we say names would you remember?” Asked Yiayia.
“Yeah, most probably.” I answered. So they started calling out movie titles.
I said that it was only a single word so they continued calling out names. A few I could recall were Lauren and Laughter. I answered yaying no to every one they said. A few moments later, Papou AND Yiayia both said
“Not Lolita? [The way they pronouncing it. Lo-li-ta instead of Low-lee-ta which is how it’s suppose to be pronounced. They exaggerated the T and it sounded kind of like they were struggling with saying it. They had the real Greek accent. I wish I could get them to say it again, record them and upload it on here… oh well]” I froze, every part of me, with my eyes slightly widened and my heart beating rapidly, “because that’s rated R”
I had no idea it was R! I would of thought MA but not R !
When I was able to funtcion myself again, in order of finding out that it’s that unsuitable, I respond with
“No! It can’t be then, yeah, it doesn’t actually ring a bell. No, it’s not it.” I just hope I didn’t blow it by overdoing it.

Even though it was that short, it will certainly be a memory that will last for a very long period of time.
– GG

Lost in the Land of Lolita

Oh My Fuckin’ Perry! I have been enchanted, I am in a trance of Lolitaness. I actually downloaded the eBook version of Lolita (I couldn’t wait any longer so I decided to search on the Internet for a free download, and I succeeded! I’m up to page thirty (on an eBook PDF file) and I had to stop reading as for my mum was curious in what I was doing on my computer. I told her I was on the Katy Perry Forum, which I was earlier, but I just hope I don’t get in trouble for being on the Internet too much, because really, I wasn’t on the Internet except for downloading the file.

Anywho, what I’ve read so far has put me in a trance, it has enchanted me, made me fall in love and mind you I am unsure of half the werds used! But I know enough to understand what is happening. I have posted this to report on my liking of Lolita (even though we’re all sure I’m going to say it’s something grand as for I am (I confess) obsessed with it. Is it possible to be in love with a book? Because, just as Humber Humbert is with Lolita ( the character), I am with Lolita (the novel)


Alright, I forgot to say, 5 or so days ago I gained an obsesh (obsession) of Lolita! Today at school, we had NAPLAN tests and all I could think of during it was Lolita. It’s becoming bigger than my obsesh of Katy, ha! I just it doesn’t ruin my life because Lolita is this book and movie(s) that are not suitable for my age. The book is by Vladimir Nabokov and it is about this man named Humbert Humbert who is around his late thirties and who’s childhood love was destroyed as for a tragic event occurred (I forget what it is… I’ve read a 98-page sample but that’s all) and it scarred him. It gave him the illness of hebephilia (which is he is only attracted to pubescent gurls, around the age of nine to fourteen. He describes these particular gurls he is attracted to as  “nymphs”. For his career, he was in need to move and had no where to stay (apart from hotels) and he ended up staying at this lady who was eager for a man in his life, named Charlotte Haze, her house. As Charlotte is taking Humbert for a tour around the house and when she is showing him the garden, he sees Dolores Haze, the twelve-year-old daughter of Charlotte’s who reminds him of Annabelle (his childhood love) and instantly becomes obseshed with her. He secretly calls her Lolita, Lola or Lo. If you want to know the whole thing, click on this link:

And also the movies are based on the book with the same title too. There is a 1962 version and a remake that was in 1997.

You’d most probably think that this is a pedophile story, it is but there is a giant story behind it. It’s a dramatic, criminal movie but actually it is a sweet, tragic love story.  I hope I’m not the only one who liked it..

– GG

The First Konichiwa

Konichiwa! Haha, no I am not Japanese, but as I say in my bio (it’s shorter than typing About Me, so that’s what I’m going to call it) I am obsessed with all-things Japanese… you could say. OH AND BTW THIS IS THE FIRST POST! Just needed to say that if you’re looking for the very beginning. Um, I hope there’s no inconvenience or anything, but I have made this blog in infamy or pre-famousness as I will call it. I will make a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes but I am very high in that at school, I actually know the correct English (well, not all of it, but I am in fact above average for my year if it’s OK to brag) but I do in fact make typo-errors and I use quirky spelling and grammar… if you’re a KatyCat (or just a Katy Perry fan) you will most likely recognize my “slang”. However, not all of it is based on Katy’s or KatyCats’ use, there are things I do invent myself. I this causes inconvenience, don’t be afraid to inform me!

Thanks for reading and viewing my blerg!


Peace owt!

– GG